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Guest-house Bojnice 715

3/2, 2/2+1, 8/3, 2/3+1, 2 x apt., Min persons: 1, Max persons: 48
min: 30.0 €
Guest-house in recreational area towns Bojnice. Kitchen: Refrigerator, freezer, kettle, microwave oven, electric cooker with two electric jets. TV+SAT, internet (WiFi), 2 x terrace, bar, fire-place, grill, fire - place with sitting. Table tenis, mini football. Meeting room (80) + saloon (20).

Hotel Bojnice 647

8/1+1, 42/2, 7/2+1, 3 x apt., Min persons: 1, Max persons: 130
min: 40.0 €
Hotel in town Bojnice, near the thermal swimming pool (200 m) Restauration, coffee bar, bar. Meeting room (for 40 persons), internet. Massage. Exchange.

Hotel Bojnice 406

20/2+1, 20/2, 1 x apt., Min persons: 1, Max persons: 102
min: 88.0 €
Hotel in spa town Bojnice. Restauration, coffee bar, bar, terrace, grill. Meeting room, small saloon, internet, safe. Fitness, wellness, tenis -court, table tenis, rental office of sporting equipment.

Guest-house Bojnice 1042

1/2, 2/2+1, 1/5, 1 x apt., Min persons: 1, Max persons: 20
min: 13.0 €
Guest-house near the arterial road in spa town Bojnice. Saloon (TV, sitting), kitchen (electric cooker with two electric jets, microwave oven, refrigerator, microwave oven). No smoking in the object.

Chalet Bojnice 559

5/4, 3/6, 2/11, 1/1, Min persons: 1, Max persons: 61
min: 6.5 €
Cottages in forest surrounding, 2 km from towns. Shared saloon (fire-place).

Chalet Bojnice 701

1/3, 2/4, Min persons: 8, Max persons: 11
min: 10.8 €
Cottage in cottage settlement at the end of the village Bojnice, near the thermal swimming pool (500 m). On the ground-floor saloon (TV, radio), kitchenette, Bathroom (shower bath and WC). On the floor kitchen.

Chata Bojnice

3x2, 1x3, 1x4, +4, Max persons: 17
bed/night: 11.70 EUR
Cottage in a recreation area in a forest area. Fireplace with sitting, grill, goulash-kettle, garden furniture, swing, paddling pool, sandpit, playground. Small childrens b...

Chata Bojnice

1x2, 1x3, 1x4, +2, Max persons: 11
bed/night: 10.40 EUR
Cottage in a cottage settlement. Terrace, fireplace. Electrical heating, heating with solid fuel. TV in room on request. The landlord speaks also German. Parking by the cottage. ...

Chata Bojnice

1x2, 2x4, Max persons: 10
bed/night: 11.05 EUR
Cottage on the edge of forest. Sheltered garden furniture, arbour, fireplace, iron kettle for cooking goulash, portable grill. Electrical heating. Parking by the cottage (for 4 ...

Chata Bojnice

2x2, +2, Max persons: 6
cottage/night: 30.00 EUR
Cottage in a forest, in a remote area. Terrace, garden furniture, garden grill. Electrical heating. Surcharge for consumed energy exceeding 15 kW/day 0,20 Eur/kwh. Internet access...

Chata Bojnice

1x4, Max persons: 4
bed/night: 9.45 EUR
Lodge in the garden of family house in a spa town. Garden furniture, fireplace, sandpit. Gas heating. Small childrens bed available. Parking in the yard. Grocery shop 300m. Resta...

Byt Bojnice

1x APT: 1x2, 1x2+2, Max persons: 6
bed/night: 8.82 EUR
Apartment with an own entrance in the separated part of the family house near the centre in a spa town. Sitting, fireplace, terrace. Central heating. Parking by the accommodation...

Privát Bojnice

1x APT: 1x3+1, 1x APT: 1x2, 1x4, Max persons: 10
bed/night: 14.41 EUR
Accomodation in a family house in the village. Garden furniture, fireplace in the garden. Parking by the family pension....

Chata Bojnice

1x2, 1x4, 1x5, 1x7, Max persons: 18
cottage/night: 162.00 EUR
Cottage in a recreation area. Fireplace with sitting, garden grill. Heating with solid fuel (fireplace), floor heating, heater, electrical heaters. Parking by the accommodati...

Byt Opatovce nad Nitrou

1x APT: 1x2+1, 1x3, Max persons: 6
bed/night: 8.37 EUR
Accomodation in a family house near highway in the village. Terrace, sheltered garden furniture, garden grill. Central gas heating. No smoking in the facility. Parking in the...

Penzión Bojnice

2x2+2, 1x štúdio: 1x2, 2x štúdio: 1x2+2, Max persons: 18
studio/night: 24.60 EUR
Pension in the centre of the spa town. In the pension there is information centre (tourist services). Catering is provided in the restaurant 60m from the pension. Wi-Fi internet a...

Penzión Bojnice

5x2, 1x APT: 1x2, +2, 3x APT: 1x2, +3, Max persons: 29
room/night: 25.22 EUR
Pension on the outskirts of the spa town. In the pension / complex there is kitchenette, terrace, jungle gym, garden grill. There is no restaurant in the pension (catering provid...

Penzión Bojnice

8x2, 12x3, Max persons: 52
room/night: 22.00 EUR
Two-building pension in a recreation area. In the pension / complex there is: reception, bar, congress hall for 80 persons. Internet access Wi-Fi. Parking - unguarded, free of...

Chata Bojnice

2x1+1, 1x2, Max persons: 6
cottage/night: 80.00 EUR
Cottage in a recreation area outside of the village. Terrace, garden furniture, grill. Fireplace heating. Internet access. Surcharge for consumed energy exceeding 15 kW/day 0,20Eu...

Penzión Bojnice

2x2, 8x2+1, 1x APT: 1x2+2, Max persons: 36
room/night: 24.09 EUR
Pension on the outskirts of the village. In the pension / complex there is restaurant, terrace, bar, dayroom with fireplace, TV-SAT, videorecorder, sauna. Parking - guarded, paid. ...
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