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Detva - All objects

Chalet Latky 707

3/2, +2, Min persons: 3, Max persons: 8
min: 10.8 €
Cottage in cottage settlement Látky, bathing 15 km. Saloon with fireplace (TV), kitchen, Bathroom (shower bath and WC). Steep stairs.

Chalet Latky 307

3/4, Min persons: 8, Max persons: 12
min: 6.5 €
Cottage isolated in a forest.Living room with fire-place connected to the kitchen corner (TV, radio, seating). Kitchen corner. 1 x Bathroom (shower cabin, wash-basin, WC in the bathroom). Veranda. The whole object is only for you. Heating: electric, wood buring stove (maintained by guest). Fire...

Chalet Hrinova/Snohy 926

3/2, 2/4, Min persons: 4, Max persons: 14
min: 104.0 €
Chalet near the forest in cottage settlement, Hriňová - Snohy. On the ground-floor saloon with fire-place (TV, radio, three-piece suite), kitchen, 1 x individual WC. On the 1st floor 1 x Bathroom and WC. Games, toys.

Chalet Latky 877

1/2, 1/2,1/4,+4, Min persons: 4, Max persons: 12
min: 99.3 €
Cottage in cottage settlement Látky. CD-player, radio, 1 x bathroom (wash-basin, WC). Kitchen, TV+SAT, 1 x bathroom (shower cabin, WC). Crib, Games, sand-box.

Apartment Detva/Piest 568

1/5, + 1, Min persons: 2, Max persons: 6
min: 9.1 €
Family house in a remoted area, near the village Detva (5 km). Suite with individual entrance. Available: habitable kitchen (TV), Bathroom (shower bath and WC).

Chalet Hrinova 616

1/1+1, 1/2, 1/2+1, 1/4+1, Min persons: 4, Max persons: 12
min: 9.6 €
Cottage in cottage settlement at the end of the village Hriňová, ski-lift 8 km. On the ground-floor kitchen and Bathroom (shower bath and WC). On the floor saloon with fireplace and with TV, kitchenette with bar, Bathroom (shower bath and WC).

Chalet Latky 835

1/6+2, +2, Min persons: 6, Max persons: 10
min: 8.7 €
Cottage in cottage settlement Látky, ski-lift 1 km. On the ground-floor saloon (TV, radio, DVD-player), kitchen, Bathroom (shower bath and WC).

Chalet Hrinova 261

1/2, 1/3+1, Min persons: 4, Max persons: 10
min: 8.1 €
Cottage on the outskirts of the village of.Common room (TV+SAT, radio). Kitchen. 2 x Bathroom (wash-basin, bath, WC in the bathroom). Balcony. Terrace. Veranda. Heating: electric, wood stove. Fire ring with grill. Garden furniture (plastic). Parking: on an open (non-gated) property (5 x parking...

Chata Kriváň

1x2, 2x3+1, +7, Max persons: 17
bed/night: 11.34 EUR
Cottage on the outskirts of the village, in a remote area. Sheltered terrace with sitting (table tennis, darts), bicycles, summer pool, swing for children, jungle gym, double-swin...

Chata Hriňová

1x1+1, 1x3, 1x4, Max persons: 9
bed/night: 10.80 EUR
House in the village. Garden, fireplace. Central gas heating. Possibility to get to know the work on the farm. Creek overflowing on the property. Parking by the cottage (possibilit...

Chata Hriňová

1x1+1, 1x2+1, 1x3, +2, Max persons: 10
bed/night: 12.15 EUR
Cottage in a cottage-colony. Terrace, fireplace, garden grill. Heating with solid fuel. Smoking is possible on the assigned place only. Parking by the cottage (snow chains in winte...

Privát Hriňová

3x2, Max persons: 6
bed/night: 9.38 EUR
Accomodation in a family house in the village. Available shared kitchenette, internet access Wi-Fi. Parking by the accommodation facility....