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Lednicke Rovne - All objects

Chata Záriečie

1x5+2, Max persons: 7
bed/night: 11.70 EUR
Wooden cottage in a cottage-colony Klecenec. Garden, garden furniture, garden grill, fireplace. Electrical heating and heating with solid fuel. Surcharge for consumed energy. Parki...

Chata Záriečie

1x4, 1x5, Max persons: 9
cottage/night: 90.00 EUR
Wooden cottage in a cottage-colony. Sheltered terrace with sitting and with grill, fireplace with sitting, goulash-kettle, summer pool, garden shower, swing, table tennis,...

Byt Mojtín

1x APT: 1x4, 1x APT: 3x2, 1x4, Max persons: 14
bed/night: 11.20 EUR
Apartment with own entrance in the house on the outskirts of the village. Sheltered garden furniture, garden grill, fireplace, sandpit, swing, dry pit latrine. Heating with solid f...

Chata Belušské Slatiny

3x2, 1x2+2, Max persons: 10
bed/night: 13.10 EUR
Cottage in the village, next to the wood. Terrace, arbour, garden furniture, garden grill, fireplace, summer pool, basketball basket, table tennis, party games, playing-cards, badm...

Privát Mojtín

1x APT: 2x4, +2, 1x APT: 1x2, 1x5, Max persons: 17
bed/night: 13.60 EUR
Accommodation in a house on the outskirts of the village. Terrace, pool, sheltered garden furniture, garden grill. Electrical heating, heating with solid fuel. Parking by the fami...

Chata Mojtín

1x2, 2x4, Max persons: 10
bed/night: 13.40 EUR
Cottage in the silent side of village. Terrace with sitting, grill. Heating with solid fuel. Parking by the accommodation facility....

Penzión Mojtín

1x2, 3x3, 1x4, +2, Max persons: 17
bed/night: 13.28 EUR
Pension in a cottage settlement. In the pension / complex there is: restaurant, terrace, bar, dayroom with TV-SAT, videorecorder, fireplace, garden furniture, garden grill, sandpit...