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Levoča/Viacúčelová vodná nádrž - All objects

Hotel Levoca 780

9/2, 1/2+1, 6/3, Min persons: 1, Max persons: 39
min: 16.6 €
Hotel in historical part towns Levoča. Garden-sitting, grill,restauration...

Guest-house Levoca 705

5/2, 2/2+1, 1/3, 2 x apt., Min persons: 1, Max persons: 27
min: 58.4 €
Guest-house in the centre Levoča. TV+SAT, radio. Eat room. Garden: fire-place, fire - place with sitting. Saloon, biliard. Wineroom.

Chalet Levoca 507

1/2,1/2+1, Min persons: 4, Max persons: 5
min: 12.5 €
Cottage at the end of the village Závada, Levoča 11 km. Available: saloon with fireplace, TV, kitchen, Bathroom and WC.

Chalet Levoca 1106

1/2, 1/5, +2, Min persons: 4, Max persons: 9
min: 8.6 €
Cottage near the forest in the cottage settlement (c. 5 km Levoča). Saloon with fireplace (TV+SAT, radio, CD-player, three-piece suite), kitchen, dining room, 1 x Bathroom (2 x shower, WC), 1 x individual WC (wash - basin). Boiler-room.

Chalet Levoca 121

1 apt.: 2/2, +1, 1 apt.:1/2, 1/3, Min persons: 5, Max persons: 10
min: 8.1 €
Suites in historical part towns Levoča, Ski centre 12 km. Suites with individual entrance. Suite on the ground-floor available: living room (TV+SAT), kitchen, Bathroom (bath and WC). Suite on the floor available: TV, sitting, kitchen, Bathroom (corner bath and WC).

Chata Levoča

1x2+2, 1x4, Max persons: 8
bed/night: 10.46 EUR
Cottage in a cottage-colony. Terrace, sheltered garden furniture, fireplace, garden grill, little lake. Heating with solid fuel, electrical heating. Parking in the yard. Grocery ...

Hotel Levoča

7x1, 8x2, 14x2+1, 3x APT: 1x2, Max persons: 71
room/night: 26.14 EUR
Hotel in the square in the centre of a town. In the hotel there is restaurant, wine tavern, exchange office, for an extra charge sauna. Internet access for free. Parking - unguarde...

Chata Levoča

1x1, 1x2, 1x3, Max persons: 6
bed/night: 13.50 EUR
Cottage in the village in the district Závada. Terrace, garden furniture, fireplace, fireplace in the garden. Electrical heating. The landlord speaks also German, French, Polish. P...

Chata Levoča

3x3+1, 1x4+1, Max persons: 17
bed/night: 13.20 EUR
Cottage in a recreation area, in a cottage-colony Levočská dolina. Terrace, arbour, garden grill, fireplace, goulash-kettle. Electrical heating. The landlord speaks also English,...

Chata Levoča

1x3+1, 1x4, +2, Max persons: 10
bed/night: 9.83 EUR
Cottage in a cottage-colony. Electrical heating, heating with solid fuel. In winter surcharge for consumed energy. The landlord speaks also English, Polish. No smoking in the cotta...

Privát Levoča

1x2, 1x2+1, 1x4+1, Max persons: 10
bed/night: 9.31 EUR
Accomodation in a family house on the own floor on the outskirts of the village. Shared bathroom (shower, bidet) with toilet, kitchenette (eletrical double stove-top, fridge, elec...

Privát Levoča

1x2, 2x4, Max persons: 10
bed/night: 9.62 EUR
Accomodation in a family house in the village. 2x bathroom (shower, bathtub) with toilet, kitchen with TV (gas cooker, fridge, freezer, microwave oven, electric kettle), garden fur...

Byt Levoča

1x APT: 1x4, +2, Max persons: 6
bed/night: 15.88 EUR
Dual-leveled apartment with own entrance in the village. Electrical heating. Breakfast available. Parking in the yard. Grocery shop 15m. Restaurant 20m. Bus 300m. Train (station ...

Hotel Levoča

6x2, 15x2+1, 2x APT: 1x2, Max persons: 61
room/night: 31.50 EUR
Hotel in a historical building in the centre of historical town reserve. In the hotel / complex there is restaurant, wine tavern (for 45 persons), appetizer bar (for 22 persons), l...

Chata Levoča

2x1, 3x2, Max persons: 8
bed/night: 8.18 EUR
Cottage next to the wood on the outskirts of the village in the district Závada. Fireplace. Electrical heating. Half board available. Wood for fireplace for an extra charge. Parkin...

Privát Smižany

2x2, 3x3, Max persons: 13
bed/night: 13.00 EUR
Accommodation in a family pension on a shared property with the owner on the outskirts of the village. Dayroom with TV-SAT, dayroom with fireplace, kitchenette (gas cooker, fridge,...

Privát Smižany

3x2, 1x3, 1x4, Max persons: 13
bed/night: 10.66 EUR
Accomodation in a family house on the same property as accommodation facility number 2433, on the outskirts of the village. Storage room for bikes and ski equipment, terrace, gar...

Byt Smižany

1x APT: 1x3, +2, Max persons: 5
bed/night: 11.34 EUR
Apartment with an own entrance in the cottage in a cottage-colony next to the wood. Fireplace, arbour, garden grill. Electrical heating. Half board available. Arbour and gard...

Penzión Spišská Nová Ves

1x2, 4x3, 4x3+1, 2x4+1, 1x bunka: 1x2, 1x3+1, Max persons: 46
bed/night: 8.76 EUR
Pension near ski-lift. In the pension / complex there is dining room (50 persons), bar (25 persons), dayroom with TV, videorecorder (10 persons), darts, fireplace, garden furniture...

Privát Spišská Nová Ves

1x2+2, 1x3+1, Max persons: 8
bed/night: 8.82 EUR
Accommodation in a house on the outskirts of a town. Shared bathroom (shower, toilet) on the corridor, kitchen (electrical stove, electrical oven, fridge, freezer, microwav...
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