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Komárno - Pools and water atractions


Bazén kľudový

type: for sitting (relax)
length30 m
width17 m
the lowest depth0.8 m
the biggest depth1.1 m
water temperature36 °C

Rekreačný bazén

type: chill-out
length25 m
width15 m
the biggest depth1 m
water temperature30 °C

Krytý bazén

type: indoor, for sitting (relax)
length8 m
width8 m
the lowest depth0.4 m
the biggest depth0.8 m
water temperature36 °C

Sedací bazén s recirkuláciou vody

type: for sitting (relax)
length21 m
width10 m
the lowest depth0.6 m
the biggest depth1.2 m
water temperature25 °C

Plavecký bazén

type: for swimming
length33 m
width19 m
the biggest depth1.85 m
water temperature25 °C