Horné Saliby - Pools and water atractions


Kľudový - sedací bazén

type: indoor, thermally
water temperature40 °C

Kľudový - masážny bazén

type: indoor, thermally, chill-out
water temperature36 °C
water attractions: massage nozzles

Relaxačný bazén

type: indoor, chill-out, for swimming
the biggest depth1.3 m
water temperature30 °C
water attractions: geysers, nozzles

Taliansky bazén

type: open, for swimming
length33 m
width15 m
the lowest depth1 m
the biggest depth1.5 m
water temperature28 °C

Bazén pre mládež

type: open, chill-out
length16 m
width14 m
the lowest depth0.4 m
the biggest depth0.9 m
water temperature30 °C

Detský bazén (do 6)

type: open, for children
length8 m
width8 m
the biggest depth0.3 m
water temperature30 °C



length72 m
suitable for children
steepness: gentle
equipment: separate finishing pool